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A new security system for retailers called EAS, or Electronic Article Surveillance, is gaining popularity. EAS uses sensors to monitor inventory and detect if any items are being taken without paying. If thieves are detected, the system can activate alarms and send alerts to store personnel. This is an efficient way to deter shoplifters and keep profits in the hands of legitimate customers.

EAS anti shoplifting security system EAS Security in BD
EAS system provider in Bangladesh

EAS Anti-theft Security Alarm System Price in Bangladesh – 2024

What are you looking for in a security system? If you want something that will give you total piece of mind, then look no further than the www.trimatrik.org EAS Anti-theft Security Alarm System. This top of the line security system is perfect for business or home use, and its affordable price makes it a great option for anyone on a budget.

RF and Am Antenna EAS Gate price is ৳35,000.00 to ৳75,000.00 (Standard Model); Price may vary on updated model and functions . Security Labes Price starts from 3.00 taka and Hard Tag Price starts from 9.00 taka in Bangladesh. We Are Supplier From Uttara-Dhaka. Home Delivery Available all over Bangladesh

The www.trimatrik.org EAS Anti-theft Security Alarm System uses RF and Am Antenna EAS Gates for ultimate security. It also comes with security labels and hard tags to deter would-be thieves. Best of all, this system is easily installed and can be used with any type of security system. So if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable and easy to use security system, then the www.trimatrik.org EAS Anti-theft Security Alarm System is the perfect choice for you.

What is an Anti-theft Security Alarm system?

An EAS anti-theft security alarm system can aid in the prevention of theft, including shoplifting.It is helpful in a variety of business contexts, including retail establishments. Additionally, these technologies can stop casual theft from occurring. An amateur shoplifter is the most frequent sort and is simple to identify. An EAS system that uses labels that resemble barcodes or are concealed inside packages is most likely to catch these crooks.

EAS AM sysetm for supermarket security
EAS AM sysetm for supermarket security

How Does the Security Alarm System Work You Must Know ?

Although EAS is not a technology  . It has shown to be extremely dependable, effective, and easy to install. This security system is simple to use, and you will see results right away. Every time someone approaches an antenna, the tags on your products will sound an alert, making it simple for security officers to take action. Furthermore, because the tags resemble a genuine burglary instrument, their appearance serves as a deterrent to shoplifters.The garment security tag is a crucial component of the EAS anti-theft security alarm system. This tag has a tiny transmitter that connects to the EAS antennas for communication. The tag will turn on when someone approaches, and an alarm will ring. No one is allowed to own more than one of what Gateway refers to as consumable tags. Choosing an efficient anti-theft security system is crucial because a store with various EAS systems may be vulnerable.

Epowsens EAS System in Bangladesh - Trimatrik Infotech
Epowsens EAS System in Bangladesh

The Secret of Benefits Of EAS Security Alarm System !

The EAS Security Alarm System is an alarm that warns people of emergencies by using radio waves. The SAME header, attention signal, audio announcement, and end-of-message marker are the four essential parts of the communications. The most crucial element of an EAS is the SAME heading. It includes the event id, the alert’s source, and the event’s duration. This knowledge is required in an emergency to aid first responders.

EAS anti shoplifting security system EAS Security in BD
EAS system provider in Bangladesh

What Is EAS ! And Why Should You Use It?

EAS means (Electronic Article Surveillance) is a technique that keeps people from stealing from establishments that sell goods. Electronic tags are attached to items by EAS. An alarm is set off when the marked item is withdrawn from the store.

The utilization of electronic article surveillance has various advantages.It first aids in lowering theft and shoplifting, which can harm a company’s bottom line. Second, it can increase employee productivity by discouraging them from stealing goods or time. Thirdly, it can increase consumer safety by shielding them from harm in case they get into a fight with a thief.

Finally, electronic article monitoring can enhance store security by enabling security staff to react to theft situations more swiftly. In general, electronic article surveillance offers a number of advantages that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations.

EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System with Tag in Uttara, Dhaka-Bangladesh

An EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System with Tag is an electronic deterrent that works as a visual deterrent for casual shoplifters. The tag will notify store employees of any theft after it has been altered.. The system has been proven to reduce shoplifting losses by up to 70 percent. The loss reduction is so great that it makes up for the minor cost of a tag, even though it is simple to put and can be removed with a specific tool.

An EAS system is a sophisticated piece of technology that detects shoplifting in conjunction with a surveillance system. The tags interface with the in-store EAS system and have a unique sensor inside. The tag is deactivated once a shoplifter purchases an item, setting off an alarm. If an EAS tag tries to leave the business, it may potentially be tampered with. The tag’s usefulness can vary depending on the surveillance system you’re utilizing. Acousto-magnetic tags, for instance, have a greater range and can withstand interference better.

What Is the Cost of an EAS Anti-Theft Security Alarm System in Bangladesh?

Trimatrik Multimedia is a Bangladesh-based supplier of EAS anti-theft security alarm systems. The business provides a variety of products, including EAS Security Alarm System, access control systems, CCTV cameras, and many others products. Trimatrik has been operating since 2009 and has a reputation for producing high-quality goods and providing exceptional customer service.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable security system, look no further than the Trimatrik EAS Anti-Theft Security Alarm System. This system is designed to protect your belongings from theft, and it’s easy to use – just attach the security labels to your products and attach the hard tag to your product. The price for this system starts at just ৳35,000.00, making it a great option for those on a budget. Plus, delivery is available all over Bangladesh, so you can have your new security system up and running in no time.

There is no better way to protect your store than with an EAS security system to dissuade criminals.When someone tries to steal from your store, these devices sound an alarm or send a signal. This can assist you in catching the thief swiftly and preventing them from stealing any more of your goods.

Finding the EAS security system that best meets your needs requires investigation because there are many different EAS security systems on the market. The size of your store, the quantity of your inventory, and the kind of alarm you want are a few things to think about.

EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System Price in Bangladesh – 2024

While the price of EAS anti-theft alarm security systems may be high for some, the benefits of having such a system in place are invaluable. Not only does it protect your business and its assets, but it can also help to reduce theft and keep your customers safe. If you’re looking for a reliable and effective way to protect your store, consider investing in an EAS anti-theft alarm security system.

Looking for an affordable and reliable EAS anti-theft security system? Look no further than Trimatrik. Our systems are available in Bangladesh at a price of just ৳35,000.00 for the RF Antenna/Gate or ৳75,000.00 for the AM 58KHz Gate or Antenna. Whether you’re looking to protect your home or business, our products are perfect for any budget.Buy with confidence knowing that our products are backed by a 1 year warranty. Contact us today to purchase your EAS security system.

EAS High sensitivity 58KHZ clothing security tags in Bangladesh 

High sensitivity 58KHZ clothing security tags are one option for retailers looking for new, more effective ways to manage their inventory. An alarm will go out if a tagged item tries to leave the store without being scanned, notifying security staff to halt the customer.

58KHZ tags have the advantage of being far more sensitive than conventional RFID tags and being able to be detected from a much greater distance. Because of this, it is considerably more difficult for thieves to attempt to steal something without being noticed. Additionally, because 58KHZ tags are unique to apparel,


Eas Clothing Security system Tags Price in Bangladesh 2024

Eas Clothing Security system Tags are available in Bangladesh at an affordable price. You can get the RF Antenna/Gate for ৳35,000.00 and the AM 58KHz Gate or Antenna for ৳75,000.00. The security labels start from 3.00 taka and the hard tags start from 9.00 taka. We offer home delivery all over Bangladesh.

The most up-to-date price on Eas clothing security tags in Bangladesh, call 0185-3330338, 0185-3330344; Send Message 📧 Email: [email protected]. The Clothing Security Tags are available for purchase on our website https://www.trimatrik.org/. Or visit our trimatrik Multimedia Corporate Office.