EAS Security tags, RF tags, AM tags, and detachers

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EAS security tags are RF tags and AM tags. They can be detached and read with a tag checker. Detacher tools remove the tags from items.


An article on EAS security tags, RF tags, AM tags, and detachers. These tags are used to keep track of inventory and to ensure that products go to the correct place. They can also be used for other purposes such as tag checking.

The EAS Security Radio Frequency (RF) & AM Tag Tester is a handheld device that detects forgotten AM labels and tags at the exit. The device uses contactless detection, which makes it more reliable and faster than traditional methods.

An EAS Security Tag is a small, tamper-evident tag that helps identify and track the movement of protected electronic commerce (e-commerce) content. When attached to an e-commerce container, such as a package or box, the tag sends encrypted signals to designated receivers. This information can then be used to track the movement of the content, as well as to prevent counterfeiting or other illegal activity.

The EAS Handheld Detector is an easy-to-use device that can be used to detect RF and AM tags at the exit. This handheld detector is contactless, meaning that it does not require direct physical contact with the tag to detect it. This makes it perfect for use in areas where there is a risk of theft or forgetting tags. Additionally, the EAS Handheld Detector can also be used to detect forgotten AM labels and tags.

The EAS Security Tag is a tamper-evident security tag that can be attached to products exhibiting the required tamper-resistance characteristics. The tag uses NFC technology and a unique code to identify the product and track it throughout its life cycle.

EAS security tags are being used in a growing number of schools to help protect against school violence. The tags are worn by students and staff, and can be scanned using an electronic reader to identify anyone who has been banned from the school.

With the ever-growing demand for secure transportation, more and more businesses are looking for ways to reduce the chances of theft or unauthorized access. One way to do this is by using RFID technology to identify authorized personnel and track their movements. EAS Security offers a handheld tag tester that can detect forgotten AM labels and tags at the exit. This helps businesses ensure that only authorized personnel are entering and leaving areas, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized access.

Tag Detacher Anti shoplifting Systems

Tag Detacher Anti shoplifting Systems

Tag Detacher Anti shoplifting systems are becoming increasingly popular in retail locations around the world. The systems attach a tag to each item that is placed on the sales floor in order to track the item and its movement throughout the store. This information is then used to create a database of known shoplifters and their specific habits. The tags can also be used to identify stolen items should they be recovered by law enforcement.

If your business relies on the security of its expensive equipment, then you need a silver EAS anti theft AM RFID tag detacher. These devices are designed to remove tags from items such as computers and other valuable items, quickly and easily. The detachers use powerful magnets to grab onto the tags and pull them free, preventing them from being stolen or lost.

Tag detachers are systems that use RF tags to track the movement of merchandise throughout a store. The system alerts store employees when specific items are moved from the store without paying for them. This helps to prevent theft and reduce the amount of unsold merchandise in the store.

Tag detacher systems are a new type of anti-theft technology that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to track the items being taken. The tag detacher scans the RFID tags attached to items as they are being taken, and then sends notification to a monitoring station when the tagged object is removed from the store. This system can help prevent theft by identifying the item as being stolen and preventing it from being sold or used.


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