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PA System price in Bangladesh. PA System speaker price in Bangladesh. PA System supplier in Bangladesh. Sound System supplier in Bangladesh. Ahuja Radios has always been the pioneer in the field of Public Address Systems in India and has invariably been at the forefront in leading the PA industry through changing times. Owing to this pro-active approach AHUJA today has become the preferred option for applications like announcements at public places, sound reinforcement at auditoriums / conference halls, seamless counter communication, crowd control etc. Installations of Ahuja products at prestigious locations like Formula 1 Race Track at G. Noida, Delhi Metro Stations, Educational Institutions of repute like IIT’s / IIM’s, numerous Malls / Large Format Retail Outlets and various Government Establishments across the country are apt testimonials of that. PA System provider in Bangladesh. PA System wholesaler in Bangladesh. PA Sound System in bd Dhaka. Public address system. Public address System Bangladesh. Public address System supplier in Bangladesh. Public address System provider in Bangladesh. Public address System wholesaler in Bangladesh. Public address System price in Bangladesh. Best PA System company in Bangladesh. Best Public address System company in Bangladesh. Sound System Bangladesh. Sound System price in Bangladesh. Sound box price in Bangladesh.

Ahuja Amplifier 250 watt price in Bangladesh


Ahuja TZA-7000DP 700 WATTS with Built-in Digital Player 2 ZONE PA MIXER AMPLIFIER

Ahuja CS-451T

AHUJA SCM-15T Price in BD

Ahuja PA System in Bangladesh:

The Ahuja Research and Development Centre is recognized by the Government of India and takes pride in developing products known to perform with absolute reliability even in the most extreme operating & climatic conditions.

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AHUJA RADIOS is today India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of Public Address Equipment. Established in 1940, in last 7 decades we have been able to cement AHUJA as the most trusted brand in sound reinforcement industry by introducing reliable products through continuous research & development. Right since the inception company has aspired and worked diligently towards offering wide range of products to fulfill every conceivable PA application requirement.

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Ahuja Amplifiers in Bangladesh

Ahuja offers the most comprehensive range of reliable sound reinforcement products. The diverse portfolio of products comprising of Amplifiers, Mixers, Microphones, Speakers/ Powered Speakers, Conference System, Counter Communication Systems etc. are designed to deliver most faithful and natural reproduction of sound in variety of applications.

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Ahuja Bangladesh Update Price List:

ModelWattsClient Price
SSB3030 Watts                 9,000.00
SSB45M45 Watts               11,000.00
SSB60M60 Watts               12,000.00
SSB80M80 Watts               13,000.00
SSB120120 Watts               15,500.00
SSA160EM160 Watts               19,500.00
SSA160DP160 Watts               21,000.00
SSA250250 Watts               22,000.00
SSA250DP250 Watts               24,000.00
SSA360360 Watts               32,000.00
SSA-5000EM500 Watts               38,000.00
SSA-5000DP500 Watts               39,500.00
TZA-7000700 Watts               49,000.00
SSA-7000 DP700 Watts               55,000.00
SSA100001000 Watts               62,000.00
SPA150001500 Watts               75,000.00
SPA250002500 Watts