FP Range Conventional Fire Panel 1 Zone FF380/CON

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Designed to comply with BS5839-4, our FP 1-14 zone fire panels are supplied in robust metal enclosures with lift-off lids and heavy-duty base connections. Their broad compatibility with virtually all known conventional smoke and heat detectors and their ability to interpret a short circuit as a fire or fault make them the perfect choice for a host of applications.



FP Range Conventional Fire Panel 1 Zone FF380/CON

  • Installer-friendly design.
  • Robust metal enclosure with heavy-duty base connections.
  • One conventional Zone circuit
  • Two conventional Sounder circuits.
  • Separate indicators for open & short circuit fault, sounder fault and battery/power supply fault.
  • Non-latching class change sounder output, latching fire & non-latching fault outputs (via optional expansion loom).
  • Short circuit=fire facility (pre-1980 BS, no resistors in call points, selectable on a zone by zone basis).
  • Multi-lingual variants (subject to quantities).
  • Space for 2 x 12V 2.3Ah VRLA batteries.
  • Compatible with virtually all known conventional fire detectors including C-TEC’s ActiV range.
  • Designed to comply with BS 5839-4 (this panel in not compliant with EN54-2/4 and should NOT be used in new UK or European installations).
Context Plus FF380 Bangladesh 

Context Plus FF380 Bangladesh

Conventional Fire Panel 1 Zone FF380/CON :

CompatibilityDesigned to comply with the requirements of BS5839-4 (for head-out monitoring use 1 x BF378M module on the EFP1’s zone circuit).
Mains supply230V 50/60Hz.
Internal power supply27V nominal.
Total output current limited to400mA @ 230V.
Quiescent current40mA (with no mains supply, detector and sounder EOLs fitted, no other loads supplied by panel).
Max battery size and type2 x 12V 2.3Ah VRLA connected in series.
No. of detector zone circuits1 (Max. length per circuit is 500m).
Call point resistor value470 to 680Ω.
Max. devices per detector zone20 detectors (max. detector current 2mA). No limit for manual call points.
No. of conventional sounder circuits2 (Max. length per circuit is 500m).
EOL resistor value6800Ω 5% Tol. 0/25W (blue, grey, red, gold).
Max. sounder output current400mA (to all outputs). Outputs are fused at 400mA.
Open collector outputsAvailable via optional expansion loom FF380X.
Auxiliary inputsAvailable via optional expansion loom FF380X.
IndicatorsMains on; Zone Fire; Zone Fault; Sounder Fault; Battery/PSU Fault; O/C Zone Fault; S/C Zone Fault.
ControlsExternal (keyswitch activated): Reset; Silence Alarm/Fault Sounders; Evacuate. Internal: Revert to S/C equals Fire.
Product dimensions (mm)271 W x 200 H x D 70mm.
Construction & finishMetal lid and base.
IP RatingIP30.
Operating conditions/temperature-5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.


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