ZKTeco uFace302 Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal

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৳ 25,500.00

• 3,000 face and 4,000 fingerprint templates
• Multi-languages
• High verification speed
• Advanced and user-friendly UI
• Chip encryption for firmware protection
• Optional built-in battery backup providing approximately 4 hours of continuous operation
• Easy to extend functions and customize client’s requirements
• One face template is registered for one user only
• Able to detect whether the face is an actual face or a photo, enhancing the security level of verification


ZKTeco uFace302 Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal

The ZKTeco uFace302 Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal is a high-performance, multi-biometrics terminal with an intuitive interface. It can be used for face or fingerprint verification as well as provide access control to objects such as doors. The unit features 3,000 templates of both faces and fingerprints stored in its memory bank which allows you to register one template per user only. With the built-in battery backup that lasts approximately four hours, this device will still work even when there’s no power available by your building! And if detecting whether the person standing before it is an actual human being or photo isn’t enough security for you then don’t worry because this multifunctional machine also enhances facial recognition technology.

Technical Specifications

Display 4.3-Inch Touch Screen
Face capacity 3,000
Fingerprint capacity 4,000
ID Card capacity 10,000 (optional)
Logs capacity 100,000
Communication TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host
Standard Functions Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query, Work Code, SMS,

DST, T9 Input, 9 Digit User ID, Scheduled Bell, Photo ID

Interfaces for 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm
Wiegand Signal Output
Optional Functions ID/MiFare Card, Wi-Fi, 3G, ADMS, 2000 mAh Backup Battery
Power Supply 12V 3A
Operating Temperature 0 °C- 45 °C
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Dimensions 193.6*165.2*86mm (Length*Width*Thickness)
Package Weight 1.6 kg
ZKTeco uFace302 Price in Bangladesh
ZKTeco uFace302 Price in Bangladesh

ZKTeco uFace302 Bangladesh

ZKTeco’s uFace 302 Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal boasts 3,000 face templates and 4,000 fingerprint templates. It is multi-lingual with a high verification speed for advanced UI that user-friendly. The chip encryptions are there to protect firmware while the optional built in battery backup provides four hours of continuous operation under power outage or low voltage conditions.

ZKteco uface 302 is the last word in face technology. It gives you detailed instructions on how to use and install it, but also provides a pdf file for those times when all else fails.

Each of the products in this market has user manuals–but Zktek’s Face302 stands out from them as being more complete than any other we’ve seen! This product comes with an easy-to-read manual that includes step by step data about installation or operation (like never before). And if you can’t figure things out? You have access to their “help” team at anytime via text/email which responds quickly too!

ZKTeco uFace 302 Bangladesh
ZKTeco uFace 302 Bangladesh

ZKTeco uFace302 Price in Bangladesh

Brand: ZKTeco
Model: uFace302
Price: ৳ 25,500
Warranty: One Year
Status: In Stock
Contact No: 0185-3330344

ZKTeco uface302 manual

ZKteco uface 302 is a software that has an extensive user manual. It includes every step on how to use and install the product, making it easy for you if you are not used to technology or don’t have much experience with using new products. You can also contact ZKtek’s customer service department in case of any issues; they will be able to help quickly!

ZKTeco uFace302 Price in Bangladesh, zkteco distributor-in-bangladesh/
ZKTeco Bangladesh

uface302 ZKteco price

ZKteco uface302 price is BDT 25,000tk

This unit is great for a medium-based company or education system. The 4.3 inch TFT touch screen with fast recognized technology makes it easy to use, and you can store up to 4000 fingerprints in this device that has 10,000 card capacity as well 100 000 log space! This machine also comes with optional ID/card reading functionality; if fingerprint scanning isn’t your thing then the card reader will do just fine! There are Wi-Fi and 3G modem options available on uface 302 as well which make it easier than ever before when accessing data from any location at anytime day or night—there’s no more need for cumbersome cables any more thanks to wireless Internet access!. With 2000 mAh battery backup built-in so no power failure issue.

Zkteco face recognition in Bangladesh

Face recognition is a recent breakthrough in the world of technology. It’s one thing to have an ID card or passport with your picture on it, but what if you could just walk up and scan someone’s face? With zkteco’s new software, this may be possible soon enough! Forget the old punch card. This terminal can not only identify your face but also connect with other devices to unlock doors or turn on lights.

A simple and innovative facial recognition terminal for time & attendance, access control. Remotely connects to 3rd party electric lock system with door sensor and exit button so that it can save 3,000 templates without dividing into groups. The latest algorithm ensures high accuracy in identification while cutting-edge technology provides reliable performance all year round.

zkteco has been a leader in the field of facial recognition since its inception. Their latest product, zkteco face recognition terminal is perfect for any application that requires identification from a distance. With cutting-edge technology and an incredibly fast processing time (less than 1/10th of second), this device will keep your business running smoothly while ensuring all employees are accounted for at all times.

ZKTECO was founded with one goal: to make life easier through innovative design solutions meant to simplify processes throughout various industries. ZKTECO’s newest development, the Face Recognition Terminal brings automation into play by providing companies with both security measures as well as access control–all without breaking stride or wasting energy!

The newest line of ZKTeco facial recognition turnstiles provides the security and safety that we need in a post-lockdown world. The ProFace X [TD] is designed to ensure quick, safe passage with its new mask detection biometrics features while the Speedface V5L device screens for oncoming temperatures from people entering your building or school. When you’re looking for high quality entrance control devices, look no further than those from ZKTeco Bangladesh

The ZKTeco Access Control Turnstiles with Facial recognition is an ideal solution for office building access control, visitor management & retail. Compatible with the latest models of IVS and Security systems by ZKBioAccess, this turnstile has a high speed 0.3s visible light technology which allows facial recognition that can be used to unlock doors or allow service providers into offices in just milliseconds! Other features include temperature detection from 34°C~45°C so you will know if someone is too hot before they enter your establishment while masking prevents any infiltration through disguises like hats or masks as well as palm scanning for added security measures – all on top of bi-directional operation control led passage indicator lights both ways making.

ZKTeco Bangladesh has developed a device that will be able to detect if someone is wearing masks or carrying weapons. It can also sense body temperature and use facial recognition for identification. The ZKTeco ProFace X TD, Speed Face V5L [TD] are the newest additions of this type of technology in our country’s market which support access control turnstiles with ease by preventing any potential terrorist activity from entering your building during lockdown situations.

ZKTeco Access Control Turnstiles with Facial recognition are ideal for office building access control, visitor management & retail. The turnstile is compatible with ZKBioAccess IVS and provides a mask and temperature detection system that includes facial and palm recognition. It features an 0.3s high speed visible light technology which delivers accurate results in seconds while identifying people at the door to your premises or store using their face instead of ID card – without compromising security! And it can also monitor anyone’s warm body heat as they approach so you know who has been there before them too (and if they should be given permission). This means no more cases where someone sneaks past unnoticed simply because their name isn’t on the visitation list.


Change the way you think about the traditional face recognition technologies

ZKBioFace facial recognition system is a smart device ZKBioFace facial recognition system based on ZKTeco’s AI algorithm which can activate facial recognition of certain facial templates. The system adopts professional facial recognition servers. The target library capacity supports up to 1 million images and supports. It supports 4, 8 or 16 cameras, multi-channel expansion supported.

The system is mainly composed of front-end HD cameras and back-end servers. Its features such as fast recognition speed, accurate facial recognition, and fexible deployment are widely used in public security, business premises, buildings and temporary deployment areas.

The software supprts iOS and android device, notifcation will occured if there is an event occured.

Accurate facial recognition

Self-evolving facial recognition system with AI and deep learning tech

ZKTeco ZKBioFace is equipped with AI and Deep-learning functions which enables it to learn and make decisions information. like human, process massive data and simultaneously learn methods of categorization, and fnally process information.

Accurate recognition of up to 20 human faces in single frame
ZKBioFace is able to simultaneously recognize 20 different facial templates, which enables you to identify customers including VIP or blacklisted etc.

Accurate face recognition (cont’d)


Real-time facial recognition in complex environments in less than 1 second

The advanced facial recognition algorithm significantly enhances verification rate under complex background environments with its industry-leading speed of less than a second to verify a person.

Recognizes faces with make-up and dress-up including wearing hats, glasses, new hair style etc.

ZKBioFace facial recognition is not affected by verified persons’ make-up, clothing, facial expression, moustaches, hairstyles or glasses.

Support numerous face templates

Supports 1 million facial templates

ZKBioFace supports up to 1,000,000 facial templates to satisfy most enterprises’ needs of face recognition systems.

Speedy face registration less than 0.02 seconds per template;

Super-fast facial template batch registration: up to 1.25 million templates per hour

Generally systems takes a lot of time for saving data in initial setting. ZKBioFace speedy face registration enables completion of registration in less than 0.02 seconds per template. It also takes only an hour to save 1,250,000 templates to significantly save time for initial data entry.

Seamless integration with ZKTeco’s AI facial recognition camera FC series, supports IR, WDR and ICR function for diferent lighting environments

Pioneering face recognition algorithm significantly enhances ZKTeco ZKBioFace’s ability to perform face recognition under complex environments, the integration with hardware including IR / WDR and ICR functions, its recognition rate towards the randomness of lightness and facial expression has also been greatly increased.

Blacklist and whitelist alerts

ZKTeco ZKBioFace Facial Blacklist is customizable for blacklisted and whitelisted faces, and is able to automatically recognize key suspects and trigger alarms for security staffs.

User-friendly and full function software and mobile application (cont’d)

Screen-capture registration from surveillance cameras

Support real-time upload of face image, in the meantime management staffs can directly capture screen image in live surveillance video and register clients’ faces.

Flexible face template grouping management

Apart from Blacklist and Whitelist categorizations of client information, users may also utilize the system for other categorizations. For examples, categorizing clients according to their values to enterprise for prioritized service to high-value clients, or categorizing clients into different types for client targeting analysis and planning of client service strategies.

Powerful integration

Full-function and direct API for third-party integration

Opening up Application Programming Interface (API) offers functional integration to users, like Google Map’s open up to Uber and OpenRice, it strengthen cooperation between ZKBioFace and different enterprises for more comprehensive product range and services.

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